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Jilt 1.1 released

My last three articles on the blog were about new releases of Specnaz, my open-source Java/Kotlin testing library. In the last post, I promised the next one will be about something else. That’s why today, I’ll be talking about a new release of Jilt, which is… also an open-source Java library that I’ve created. This one, however, is an annotation processor for automatically generating classes that implement the Builder design pattern, including its Type-Safe variant (I’ve written about the Type-Safe Builder pattern variant, and Jilt, previously on this blog here).

Version 1.1 brings with it only one feature – the @BuilderInterfaces annotation. This annotation can be used alongside the existing @Builder annotation. It allows customizing the interfaces that will be generated for each property of the target class to ensure the type-safety of the resulting Builder. Because of that, it has any effect only when generating a Type-Safe Builder (so, when the style attribute of the @Builder annotation is either BuilderStyle.TYPE_SAFE or BuilderStyle.TYPE_SAFE_UNGROUPED_OPTIONALS).

@BuilderInterfaces has 4 attributes. All of them are Strings, and all of them are optional. They are:


That’s Jilt 1.1 in a nutshell. Let me know what you think of the library in the comments!