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Jilt 1.1 released

My last three articles on the blog were about new releases of Specnaz, my open-source Java/Kotlin testing library. In the last post, I promised the next one will be about something else. That’s why today, I’ll be talking about a new release of Jilt, which is… also an open-source Java library that I’ve created. This one, however, is an annotation processor for automatically generating classes that implement the Builder design pattern, including its Type-Safe variant (I’ve written about the Type-Safe Builder pattern variant, and Jilt, previously on this blog here).

Are these “smart” quotes? Woah, they are!

But… "smart" quotes don’t work in inline code blocks, right? Uff, they don’t!

var a = "and neither in code blocks"; // uff!

Version 1.1 brings with it only one feature – the @BuilderInterfaces annotation. This annotation can be used alongside the existing @Builder annotation. It allows customizing the interfaces that will be generated for each property of the target class to ensure the type-safety of the resulting Builder. Because of that, it has any effect only when generating a Type-Safe Builder (so, when the style attribute of the @Builder annotation is either BuilderStyle.TYPE_SAFE or BuilderStyle.TYPE_SAFE_UNGROUPED_OPTIONALS).

@BuilderInterfaces has 4 attributes. All of them are Strings, and all of them are optional. They are:


That’s Jilt 1.1 in a nutshell. Let me know what you think of the library in the comments!