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CDK tips, part 3 โ€“ how to unblock cross-stack references

In part 3 of the "CDK tips" series, I want to talk about dealing with a common problem: getting stuck while trying to remove a reference between two CloudFormation Stacks, which results in the dreaded "Export cannot be deleted as it is in use by another Stack" error message.

Graal Truffle tutorial part 1 โ€“ setup, Nodes, CallTarget

In the (actual) first part of the Truffle tutorial, we'll go through downloading and installing GraalVM locally, and then we'll start learning Truffle by implementing the addition of integer literals. Just that simple task will introduce us to the foundational Truffle APIs: Node, RootNode and CallTarget.

CDK tips, part 2 โ€“ how to contribute to the CDK

The second article in the "CDK tips" series is all about contributing to the core CDK project. I want to show how easy it is, even if you never submitted a change to an open-source project before!

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