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Graal Truffle tutorial part 0 โ€“ what is Truffle?

I recently worked with GraalVM's Truffle language implementation framework. I wanted to write a tutorial about it, as I've found the existing explanations of how it works difficult to follow (I had to piece a lot of information from different sources to get the whole picture). Since it's a very large topic, I'm breaking it up into multiple parts. In the first installment, I want to explain exactly what Truffle and Graal is, and how they work together to help you easily create a high-performance implementation of a programming language.

CDK tips, part 1 โ€“ how to use local CDK commands

I'm starting a new series with practical tips on working with the Cloud Development Kit. In part 1, I'll be talking about how to use a local version of the CDK command line.

Software project environments

Almost all software projects beyond the most trivial ones have multiple environments involved โ€“ production, of course, but also test, development, pre-production, etc. This article goes into details of the various environments that are utilized in a typical software project.

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