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You don't need math for programming, you need formal reasoning

In this short article, I attempt to dispel a common myth: that you need to be good at math in order to become a programmer.

Graal Truffle tutorial part 10 – arrays, read-only properties

In the tenth part of the Truffle tutorial, we add support for arrays and read-only properties to EasyScript. To implement these features, we will need to use a few aspects of Truffle that we haven't encountered before: shapes, libraries, and both static and dynamic objects.

Big Tech uses neither Agile nor Waterfall

In this article, I want to expand on the points Gergely Orosz from the Pragmatic Engineer newsletter made in his article "How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects and the Curious Absence of Scrum", and explain why these companies, for the most part, don't use Agile (and thus, Scrum).

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